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Company Profile

         Fulite Hardware Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has been focusing on hardware manufacturing and surface treatment for more than 20 years and is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Hong Kong.Plant area of 19200m & sup2; Manufacturer of precision hardware manufacturing such as metal casings and internal parts for the production of technology products;It has the production processes of stamping, CNC machining, polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting, oxidation, spraying, electrophoresis, silk screen, laser engraving and high-light chamfering;Widely used in the world's brands of home appliances, electronic digital products. It also has advanced tool manufacturing capabilities, appearance processing technology, automated productivity, from mold design to packaging and shipping, all of which provide customers with one-stop service, making customers' products more competitive and stable in production.

        In 2002, the factory successfully obtained the ISO9001:2000 international certification issued by SGS, and in 2003 introduced the Green Production Environmental Protection (ROHS) system.The updated version in 2017 is ISO9001:2015, which has enabled the company to rapidly improve its management capabilities, process control and quality assurance.In order to meet the needs of customer orders, the company also continuously adds experienced personnel and equipment updates; spacious space, strong production capacity, high quality, and continuous investment in automation equipment to meet customer needs.

Company Environment


Fulite's Exterior
  • Company Philosophy

    In the spirit of quality, unity and pioneering, we have become a good partner of the company with integrity.

  • Management Principle

    Pragmatic, systematic, standardized, refined, informative, performance-oriented

  • Green Countermeasure

    The RoHs directive is used as the material. No cadmium/lead/mercury/hexavalent chromium/polybrominated biphenyl/polybrominated diphenyl/ether six hazardous substances are used. The factory has its own testing, and it treats dust and air according to national standards. Harmful pollutants such as sewage will contribute to environmental protection. Production can be adjusted to different environmental directives according to customer requirements.


  • Car machine

  • Automatic flat wire drawing machine

  • Salt spray tester

  • Tunnel furnace

  • Oxidation production line

  • Laser marking machine

  • Drilling machine

  • Ultrasonic automatic cleaning machine

  • Hot Press

  • Drawing Machine

  • CMM three-dimensional measuring instrument

  • XRF tester

  • High and low temperature wet testing machine

  • Sandblasting printing workshop

  • Mold department

  • Stamping Workshop

  • Automatic sand blasting machine

  • UV machine

  • CNC machining center